Saturday, January 27, 2007

Love this...

A.P.C. ruffle dress from the spring 2007 collection at APC.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Uh, GusGus"

My room is disturbingly pink when I prefer black. My furniture is disturbingly boudoir when I prefer modern . My Marie Antoinette meets Eames complex was inflated a bit with Sophia's Coppola's latest film. The movie poster itself felt like a personal invite to go watch the movie, i thought the colors and type were very appropriate, and I couldn't have found a better solution to illustrate the soft feminity yet avant garde mentality belonging to such a unique royal. Outdated I know, the movie was so October, it definitely reached cult status way before it even premiered (despite mixed reviews) ... So in the spirit of Miss Antoinette, may I introduce GusGus, my 4 month old pug, the queen's favorite breed (hers was named Mops, mine was named after the chubby mouse in Cinderella) I opted for black instead of the traditional fawn. Go figure.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Book Review #3: Att: Voyeurs

It has been a while, with the holidays I haven't been doing my job, then I left town. We just returned from skiing in Colorado, and it was absolutely gorgeous. We spent the first two days in Beaver Creek, near Vail, and then a week in Snowmass, which is near Aspen. Aspen is really small but cute, and somewhere in there I found a store called Paris Underground, which sells antique furniture with that Parisian twist. I didn't buy any tables or anything but I did pick up a book called Paris Living Rooms, which is a collection of Polaroids taken by Dominique Nabokov of its namesake. I love the quality of the pics, apparently they were all shot with discontinued Polaroid Colorgraph 691 film, no flash, and she asked all the homeowners to leave things as they were, no fresh bouquets or cleaning up. You can tell some chose to ignore this request, which is quite funny because that in itself reveals quite a bit about the personalities, who didn't mind their mess, and who can't stand it.

The opening pages reveal the home of my personal favorite, Carine Roitfeld, however I'll admit I could never live with such minimalism, it stresses me out.