Sunday, November 11, 2007

Book Review #11: Hand Job: A Catalog of Type

I picked up this book at my local bookstore McNally's, and I love it. Its pretty much a collection of hand created type in alphabetical order by designer. I was so inspired I went to Pearls with an almost depleted bank account and bought myself a ton of supplies to start making stuff, an exacto knife, cuttingmat, tracing paper, watercolor paper, really nice watercolors (30% off!) micron pens, a pica ruler, mechanical pencils, brushes, thumbtacks, the I'm trying to finish up some projects so I can start doing my own thing. My workspace is looking a little more professional now hehe. Work is good, I'm actually getting to work on some cool things for Balenciaga and CK and some other stuff so we'll see.

Thanksgiving in Nolita!

Hey guys, sorry I have been MIA, a lot going on at work and trying to get my apartment together still. Speaking of which I am trying to find someone to sublet my apartment when I go home for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I will be leaving town the 19th and returning on the 26th, so pretty much that week, if you know anyone coming to New York, I would love to sublet to someone "known" Anyway, I'm asking 700 for the week, but maybe be willing to negotiate! This internship is not helping my bank account, so this is why I'm trying to sublet when I go home. Anyway...more posts to come I promise!