Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just wanted to say...

I'm very excited that my mom and sisters are coming this week! Impulse Shopping, Ikea, Good food, Fake IDs, and maybe even Gus...Can't wait. Hopefully its not so hot that they won't fly my dog. Woohoo...Also if you are in the city, my friend Erica's boyfriend is playing tomorrow at the Mercury Lounge, his band is named BlackDoveAngel. Thursday, our friend from Miami, Matt Foley, is spinning at the Hiro Ballroom. That's all for now....

Parra ti.

Dutch artist Parra recently had a show at the Standard Miami (well not that recently), and most recently his "Random Tits" exhibit at the The Reed Spaceon Orchard. I don't know what it is about his work, but I'd love a print or two of his, and you can get them at Product of God. They have his stuff and a few other graphic designers' prints. He is represented by an agency called Big Active.

I bet...

You are on an Apple computer...not that it matters if you aren't but I just have a feeling. If I am correct then I have a little something for you. A Tetris-like game you can download onto to your MAC and play while you wait to board a plane at the prehistoric airports that still don't have free wireless. Or you can play at work and sound busier than you really are. Either way I feel happy because I always hated that I didn't have Solitaire. And word on the street is the new desktops are coming out this month. I've really been wanting one, but that's not in my budget these days.

Monday, July 30, 2007

This past Saturday, "NEST" by Dash Snow and Dan Colen opened for the public at the Deitch Projects 76 Grand Street Location. 2,000 NYC phone books were shredded to create this "performance piece" which makes which room it takes over look like a hamster cage. Sounds funny, maybe worth having a look. Its the first time their "nest" will be shown to the public, usually the spectacle takes place in private viewings in hotel rooms and what-not. Its up until August 18th, so hurry.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ebay Crush: Cuban poster art

I'm really feeling this poster. They have a few others, but this was my favorite. If only they weren't reproductions. Either way, good stuff.

As for yesterday, I think I did ok, so we shall see, I'll find out next week!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Set Sale...

In God we Trust stands not too far away from home, on Lafayette between Spring and Prince. Inside, they have some very nice clothes that look like only minutes before the final buttons were being added. Not to mention some very nice necklaces and menswear too. Well today and tomorrow, from 6-10 p.m. they will be having a sale, and those little sailoresque dresses and shorts, which they do so well, will be gone in no time, I'm sure. Knock on my door, if you are in the neighborhood. Or visit Cafe Falai, the staff is nice, and the goodies are goody....

Alas, they email back.

Today I'm going in to meet with the people at Baron & Baron. Don't want to get too excited, but then again I can't help it, I've been trying to get them to see me for months. Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Love

I have a new favorite in the neighborhood. A Detacher on Mott St. is the name and the product of Mona Kowalska. She designs the clothes after designing in Europe, including once running the design studio of Sonia Rykiel (another love of mine). Anyway, she opened up shop in Nolita in 1998, and the store is pretty much what I would want my apartment to look like. She marries modern with romance and keeps it simple. I go in once a week to spy on a pair of heels that are on sale, but completely out of my league. I also go for interior inspiration, I would move in given the opportunity, its a very cosy store. The clothes is casual but chic, comfty yet architectural, and the fabrics are ultra luxe. The logo is nice too, hot pink!

The shop clerk, can you sort of make out the space, you can't see it so well....

Agave tooth

This is the store front of my favorite New York bakery, Babycakes. The owner, Erin McKenna worked in fashion and had a serious sweet tooth, two worlds that don't happily collide. Soon she found out she had food allergies and had to cut out white sugar, processed foods, dairy, and wheat. She spent months whipping up vegan recipes without all these ingredients and agave sweetener subsitutes, and the product is surprisingly delicious. A must try when walking around the Lower East Side. My favorite are the frozen cookie sandwiches. Yum.

Book Review #8: SO BOMO

Bohemian Modern. Perfect description for the look I'm itching for. "It is a look that favors raw, authentic materials, brilliant colors, creative space planning, and a natural flow between indoors and outdoors." This book by architect Barbara Bestor details the residences and small businesses in Silver Lake California. Next on my wish-list. Beautiful homes, a great sense of community, all neighbors that demand pretty things and good attitude. What's not to love? This is a great add for the library.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

This season's favorite...

from APC...if all goes as planned I WON'T be getting this dress....lol.

Junior Hopeful.

Sorry for the infrequent posts, the Internet they installed doesn't work and they can't fix it until Wednesday...and I've been working like crazy at this new job..but enough apologies and time for some updates...So I was very excited this week to receive an e-mail from a company that I have been dying to work at for a while now. They aren't a traditional agency, they specialize in fashion. Given the nature of that industry, its feels almost impossible to get your foot in the door, but sometimes you have a little divine intervention. Back in May I attended a portfolio review, and while reading a binder full of the other kids' resumes, I came across a girl interning at Baron & Baron. I handed her my CD and asked if she would pass it along to the Creative Recruiter. Well, this past Thursday I got an e-mail that they are looking for ....an intern...and that they had my portfolio and were interested in meeting with me. My heart skipped a beat, but all of sudden words like rent and amex bill flashed before my eyes. I emailed her back and said that I was interested and had a few questions like if it was paid, what the duration was, and what were the chances of getting hired after. No reply. I'm praying they get back to me Monday.

So why the eagernes...well here are some of their clients....

Miu Miu


Editorial for French Vogue

Projects for Visionaire..

Pretty much they are one of the biggest fashion advertising houses, and they also do publication design which I'd love to learn more about...Cross your fingers they get back to me... If its not paid..which in fashion thats very likely to be the case, I'm going to have to go work either at bar/restaurant or a weekend job... ahhh to pay your dues....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Internet coming soon...

I'll be back soon, the Internet people are coming on Wednesday to install it in the apartment, in the meantime I have a new gig at a small shop called Cowboy New York, which is what has been keeping me busy the past few days...I have some good stuff in the works I promise!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Block study #1

RIght off Lafayette and somewhere between Soho and the East Village lies this fairly quiet, random cobblestone street known Bond St. As if its name alone wouldn't leave you with the desire for it to adorn your mail, (and who doesn't appreciate a 4-letter word when filling in those those little one letter per box applications), the storefronts that line the street allow for fulfilling a checklist of unneccessary but essential whims.

Bond street is home to Blick Art Materials, for all your fine art needs.

Bond St. Sushi just recently reopened its doors, for a little trendy sushi fine dining experience.

Next you have Selima Optical at 7 Bond St., which houses not only nice glasses, but other goodies and one of a few Mudhoney hair salon locations. Mudhoney is known for its eccentric staff, good cuts, and cash only service. Make a appointment beforehand, 212 228 8128. Cuts for women start around $65.

The famous Bond No. 9 fragrances started on this block, pass by and pick up luxury candles and fragrances in ultra nice packaging. The scents are strong so beware. On the next block you haveDarylK, with her off the beaten path location, there really aren't any designer shops around here, so props for having enough confidence in your designs to open up shop where you find fit and not where all the others go. The store is tiny but packs in the charm. Then comes my latest discovery, Dashwood Books. This small bookstore is the only bookstore in NYC to be entirely dedicated to photography. It has an amazing selection, including the new Gurksy book which I'd like to get my hands on, but more on that later. Anyway, this is a must see for all fans of photo. 33 Bond street.

Across the street you have one of the best advertising agencies in the world, Mother New York, a sister to the big mama in London. They have a modest space right next to the new and first residential building by Herzog and de Meuron at 40 Bond Street.

So far it looks semi-interesting, I'll have to see the finished product. Across from there you have Lobel Modern and another great mid-century antiques dealer with a great selection of furniture that if money was no object I would just get all my stuff from them. Staff, kind of aloof. Anyway, turn the corner and you have the new Bowery Hotel, which looks quite nice from across the street. That's all for now, I'll have more block studies in the future, I know a block is just a portion of the street, but you know what I mean hehe.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A first look...

...of the apartment. My beloved fireplace mantle that is now serving me as a dresser/accessories holder.

This is the chair Juanchi gave me, it needs some new cushions, any fabric suggestions are welcome.

I picked this tiny mid century couch up at the Housing Works thrift store for 95 dollars. Its dollhouse size, but I love it. Urban Outfitters has a copy selling at the stores for 500 dollars (its a bit bigger)..but yeah, loving my tiny couch.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Still no Internet at the apartment, but my friend Juanchi gave me a great chair! Ill put up pics soon...Found the White on white's actual store...and maybe a bed from Room & Board....and I think tomorrow I'll go back to the Housing Works thrift store for some drawers....Slowly its coming along...ooooh and I bought the wood vase thing on sale at Anthropologie....Good stuff!
Be back soon enough...and possibly some work!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Let's be Frank

One of the first things I did in Stockholm was visit Svenskt Tenn, the famous interiors shop. They have all things Josef Frank among others, but he is one of my personal favorite designers. His patterns are one of a kind, and have been imitated by many, but nothing comes close to his original designs. I like this Manhattan print, I'd love to get an accent chair with it, nothing big. Too much pattern kills me. Or maybe some kitchen towels.

Anthropologie recently had a couch in this pattern.

And this chair is pretty nice too, also from Anthro, a little too much for me, but if you have a big enough space, its cool.

Running around...

I won't be posting as frequently this week, I just took my computer to the new apartment and I don't have Internet yet, but I'll see what I can do. Right now I'm at the Apple store which isn't too far away, I just need to find a place that has wireless and we'll back in business. Until then, I'll have my eye out for beautiful things.....

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

On blogging...

In a recent "heated discussion", the topic of blogging came up and I was asked why I blog, and what good it serves. I drew blank for a moment, because the only reasons that came to mind were, because I feel like it, it kills time, and because I like fashion and design. As far as goodness, I have no scientific evidence, but I do know that I work in advertising for a living, and find that as a "creative" you have many a moment of frustration when you are handed a brief for a product you don't find so fabulous, and then are required to pretend like it is. Few are the places that boast a roster of clients with all amazing products and services to sell. When it comes to this site, it is very refreshing to get to share what I think are products that I genuinely want others to know about, because I truly believe in "better living through design." For one, a lot of the people/designers that I mention have managed to successfully make a living, or a successful hobby, by doing what they like, and this is a difficult feat which I respect. I think if I can help spread knowledge, and sort of "advertise" for them for free, then this is a wonderful thing, chances are they can't afford to advertise in the first place. I realize I don't have as many readers as Vogue or Elle Decor, but in the design community news travels fast, and people who understand the joy of good design are simply more inclined to seek out the kind of blurbs I and many other "bloggers" put out there. Are the products necessary? Of course not, but if you have the option of a beautiful object over a dull one, why not explore the option?

Oh deer.

David Wiseman makes beautiful sculptures including these Deer Hat Hangers which he created for a school project. They are available at I Heart boutique in a bunch of different colors. Underneath, some of his more recent work, like this ceiling sculpture.

Hide and Seek

photo: Donald Bowers for New York Magazine
I came across this little shop a while back while walking my friend's dog in the West Village. Mick Margo is a bit hidden (19 Commerce Street), but worth looking for. Inside the shop boasts a great collection of tailored womenswear including J brand, Lauren Moffatt, Cacharel, Repetto flats, and these great sandals by Rachel Comey.

For the library...

I came across this bookshelf at Target today, and let me just tell you that it is a marvelous find. It would blend in perfectly with anyone going for the mid-century look. Unfortunately, I don't have a wall (nor wallet) big enough for it, but if I did I would definitely get this piece. It cost 239.99 and is worth every penny. I'd have to forfeit a couch or a bed to fit this in my apartment. Once again Target offers democratic design.

Book Review #7: Sanaa Sanaa Curita Sanaa

I came across this image on another blog, and I think its so different. I'm dying for some indoor plants, but this interior takes it to a whole new level. Anyway, the book is called Sanaa Houses, and its about the work of Japenese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa. The book is published by Actar, and they have more images on their site. I haven't bought the book yet, but would love to add it to the library.

Monday, July 2, 2007


I figured out how to enable comments, I want to hear back!

Dollars and Scents

The only thing I said I would splurge on was this candle, I'm obsessed with Votivo's Red Currant. To semi-justify the 30 dollar candle (which I've seen way more outrageous), I bought the tester for 5 bucks, so now I have two for 35. I know, it doesn't make any sense guys, but its just one of those things....the boys don't get it. Anyway, moving in today...very excited..next up for purchase, the mattress. Which reminds me, the air conditioner gets delivered today...