Sunday, February 24, 2008

hello again....

Been a while, just wanted to stop by and say hi. Things have been very non-stop over here, my family has been in town for over a week, and before that I had a friend here. I've been working as a freelancer at Kiehl's and taking a promotional branding class at Parsons as well. So you can imagine! Anyway...I am very excited for Spring to come, I've already started to buy open toe shoes and ethnic jewelry. (Not that you can't wear chunky necklaces in the fall, I just look forward to big necklaces for spring, like I do scarves for the fall) so anyway...Hopefully I will going home to Miami in March for the Emmanuel Perrotin Galerie Opening, to redeem my Standard Bingo prizes with Carla, and to see my family and friends. I also don't have any jobs lined up for March! Oops! I need to get on that. Anyway....I leave you with one of my most exciting purchases on sale from Opening Ceremony. A Christian Joy for TopShop Sailboat dress. Coincidentally shes the girl that does the Karen O. costumes.

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