Monday, April 21, 2008

I finally found cushions for the chair, and on sale hehe...Muji had these pillow cases 70% off, although I had to buy the inside, but either way, I love animal print, and the khaki linen makes zebra a little more tolerable.

My bookcase isn't really a new addition, I've had it for like 2 months, but just wanted to share. I got in the Annex Flea Market in Chelsea on a Sunday afternoon. I like going around that time because the vendors just want to get rid of stuff at that point so they'll knock off a lot from the price. Sure you don't get first pick on things, but you get really good deals.


k.c.k. said...

i was eyeing those cushions at muji too, the other day. i love your intended use for them. and that bookcase is AMAZING. i can't believe you found it at the annex. i haven't found anything there in ages and have stopped going, but your find definitely makes me want to start going back. so nice!

eruditemess said...

yum. glorious work, love. still trying to make my place a home.

ashley rose helvey said...

aaa sigh.. those cushions... that bookcase!