Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I was surprised to find a Marni store in a corner of Miami's Design District. Then I found out my post about Tomas Maier was a bit out-of-date, because he has moved his shop to the same 39th street where Marni is, and again, the store is divine! En Avance moved their boutique to the strip after 14 years on Lincoln Road, and Y-3 has also set up shop a few storefronts down. Its nice to see some fashion in the area that is primarily an interior decorator's hang out.


Awesome Sara said...

I just found your blog its really amazing. I put you on my fav list in my blog Sara Says Awesome.

I have actually been to the marni store. Lincoln rd has the best stores! My boyfriend and I love to eat a last lunch and shop till dinner.

carla. said...

ahh i know both stores are amazing I went before I left. soo beautiful. when are you coming? i miss you.