Tuesday, March 2, 2010

image via daily design discoveries

Most of the time good food is found in places where you'd least expect. In Miami, this is even more true. The more random the strip mall, the better your sushi. Sushi, in my opinion, is best when created from traditional Japanese ingredients, however the roll with guava and coconut flakes is not to be missed. Take note: this space is small, no tables, just the sushi bar, and they close at 9.

The "Sushi" Bar
8748 SW 72nd Street
305 270 0662


Unknown said...


nice blog. really sweet.

why aren't there more comments on the blog? it's fantastic?

like the sushi reco. any others like it including in south beach where we're staying at the tides? it's a first trip to miami, from london. we can tell you're focused on the good/right stuff and believe firmly in personal recommendations when possible.

any furniture/interiors or clothing ideas would be fabulous as well.

thank you very much in advance.


jesicola said...

Thanks for your comments! Glad to hear someone is reading :)

I just moved back to Miami from New York, so I haven't spent much time on South Beach recently, but from what I hear the Webster is a must-see and there is Caviar Kaspia within. If you want a big diner like lunch after the beach, I recommend Big Pink or Joe's Stone Crabs (takeout) you can take the claws the the beach...this is a Miami institution. I also really enjoy the Standard Hotel pool area, its one of my favorite places in Miami. Great to have lunch also.

The Raleigh Hotel is also very nice, you have lunch or dinner there, the pool is beautiful.

Lincoln Road has some decent shopping and cafes, and is great for people watching. If you happen to make it to Wynwood, I recommend the Rubell Family Collection, its pretty amazing.

Also for shopping in the Design District, I recommend Tomas Maier's store, its my favorite. There is a tapas place called Senora Martinez that is excellent in the same area, along with a few other boutiques and lots of home furnishing. You can take a cab and do Wynwood and the Design district on the same day since they are both near each other.

I hope this is helpful!

Arroz con Mango said...

You found it!!!! This place is a gem, totally unexpected. I love that they use guava in their rolls!