Monday, June 28, 2010

Key West, for some reason I never go down there but when I do its always a good time. Here is how we spent our 24 hours there. You can do the tourist stuff like visit the southern most point in the US or see the Hemingway house but I've already done that (rent a bike), we just wanted to hang out, drink and eat seafood.

1. Eden House-Frankie's friends found this place and I absolutely love it, its all bungalowish, with hammocks around and a cosy pool.

2. Start your day with a lobster roll from DJ's Crabshack on Duval Street. Lobster meat stuffed in buttery brioche.

3. Drinks at Sloppy Joe's.

4. Conch fritters and oysters (more drinks, why not?) at Turtle Kraals.

5. Pick up some sandals at Kino.

6. Get a to-go cup at Captain Tony's and head to Mallory Square for tourist people watching and the sunset. Frankie with my other camera. (see the trumpet player above.)

7. Back to the Eden house for a night swim...Our room felt like a tree house overlooking the pool. From 4-5 you get free drinks in the lobby and all day the beers are $1. Can't beat that. Trivia: Goldia Hawn filmed the movie CrissCross here. Then head back out to Duval if you want to keep the party going. I'm not that fun. Everyone else I was with was.

8. Before heading out Lobster eggs benedict at Blue Heaven is worth the wait. (we waited 90 minutes for a table)

9. Visit Besame Mucho, the little shop down the street, its amazing. They carry a bunch French antique things, candles, skincare

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