Friday, December 21, 2007

Cool hat, cool girl.

I know it has been way too long and way too infrequent, but things have been very hectic these past few weeks. But anyway, today I had a chance to meet Patricia, the face behind Bobble Bee, and it was so nice to meet her. She had a very cool hat that was like that crochet Dior Mohawk type looking thing, I love it. Anyway, really cool girl, and she gave me a copy of a magazine from madrid that her friends created called "el libro mas barato del mundo es esta revista" which means, the cheapest book in the world is this magazine" I havent had a chance to read it, but basically its a book/magazine about madrid, to increase I suppose cultural awareness about things within Madrid, and each issue explores a theme via different creative outlets. The issue I was given was the erotic one. cool concept for a magazine...I wanted to post some images but my photobucket isnt loading for some reason!

Anyway, off to Miami tomorrow. I am a bit sad, today was my "technical" last day at Baron but I hope to come back in a few months, we'll see. I am supposed to start a job as a package designer at Kiehl's but am having technical difficulties so that is on hold until I hear back from them. So let us see what 2008 brings. Hopefully I can dedicate more time to the blog which I have been neglecting!

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Bobble Bee said...

It was great to meet you too j!
Thanks for this lovely post.
We def have to meet again when you're back. And i'm sure Baron will take you under their wings again :)
and in any case, push push with Kielh's.