Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stockholm Calling

Acne "Hex"

About a year ago today, I was returning from my three month stay in Stockholm, Sweden. I was there interning and taking some "advertising courses" at various agencies in Stockholm. Let me just say that I adore all things Swedish. Not just because they created IKEA and H&M, but because just about everything they touch one way or another ends up looking perfect. Even when they try to do something new, there is always something completely Swedish about it, and not in a bad way. I'll write about the graphic design at some point I'm sure, but for now I'll talk strictly fashion. Acne Jeans.Acne everything for that matter. We had class with this guy Pontus Frankenstein (that is his real name) A few years back him and some "creative friends" began this brand Acne. They now have Acne Paper, Acne Creative, Acne Film, and last but not least, Acne Jeans. You may be familiar with the latter, they are selling everywhere. I highly recommend them, especially if you're thin, these jeans look amazing. Pontus isn't working with them anymore, now he's doing his own thing, and very much a family man. He also put out a best-selling cookbook a couple of years ago. I'm telling you, they ooze creative juices.

If you're looking for the same exact look, at about 1/4 of the price, its all about Cheap Monday. Like all genuinely cool things, it was started by a few friends looking to remedy a void in their lives, in this case it was good looking affordable jeans. Voila, you get things like MTWTFSS-Weekday. So to make a long story short they open up a "store" that is strictly open on the weekends, it is called weekend. Opportunity knocks, next thing you know they have a store open 7 days week, so the name gets changed to Weekday. I've been to the one in Sodermalm, and it is impressive. From what I remember, they had the new clothes at the floor level, and an exquisite color-coordinated vintage department down below. Cheap Monday is the name of their jean line, and I picked up a pair of the high waisted black ones today. They are awesome! Best of all they keep up to their name.

yay, they look good with white shoes :)

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