Tuesday, December 5, 2006

one down...four to go

A few months back I went to New York for a less-than-48-hour visit. I hit up a few shops, but left empty-handed. So a week later I decided to splurge on the A.P.C. five year datebook. Upon its arrival my first thought was "this isn't going to last." Actually it was more like, "I wonder what I'll be doing on this day in 5 years." I won't even say what I was thinking for the sake of not scaring my boyfriend who could potentially be reading this, but it did involve him, and a my career of course. Anyway, I can take bets that mine won't make it until 2010, but if it does it will be interesting to see how my job and other events unfold, and reading back should be quite interesting. I've always been a big list-maker, and for some reason, despite liking all those little gadgets, I still love handwriting my "things-to-do" list.

Speaking of A.P.C., on my last visit to NYC I made my way to the overstock sale in Williamsburg just in time to walk right in. I picked up two amazing trenches in khaki and black, and walked out to find a line wrapped around the block. I also met a really cool lady named Sally who proved to me that a great ensemble with the right attitude makes you ten times cooler. She walked away with some awesome black brogues for women and some other good stuff.

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