Sunday, June 8, 2008

I have only been to Milan once, so I really don't know what is where mapwise, but last time I was there I went to 10 Corso Como which is hands down my favorite store in the world. I just remember it wasn't in the center of town, which made an even more unexpected find. The own Carla Sozzani has a gallery (Galeria Carla Sozzani), a cafe, a bookshop, and the enormous boutique all in this semi-fort hidden under foliage. The compound also has a small hotel three rooms called 3 Rooms. Anyway, the store has everything, but well-edited everything, amazing jewelry, bags, shoes, books, furniture, and for me it is way cooler than Colette, yet doesn't get much hype. It helps that her sister, Franca, is the editor-and-chief of Italian Vogue. This is a MUST if you happen to be in Milan. I also love the hand-drawn logo, the whole store is black and white circles, dots, and designs. Apparently Carla's boyfriend Kris Ruhs did the logo.

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