Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So I started my internship yesterday...It feels weird to be an intern again after actually working and having a lot of pressure on you, but its refreshing at the same time. Not that I don't have pressure, I have to bust my ass so they see I'd like to stay put, but its interesting to say the least. Its a small office, so far everyone seems very nice. The perks as of today: free magazines, Baron is the creative director of French Vogue so there are many a copy of that magazine floating around for grabs.

Anyway, the first one of the Deitch Art Parades took place like two weeks after I moved away from New York in 2004, one of those "these are the things you're going to miss about the city, weird parades" type things. But since I'm back, I will not be missing the third to be held this Saturday the 8th between Houston and Grand on W. Broadway. I won't be in costume however. But I will try to take some pics.

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Bobble Bee said...

did you take any pics ?? i missed it again! every year i tell myself this year i will go, and always remembered the date a day too late ... :(