Friday, September 28, 2007

sorry kids

I've been MIA for over a week, I had a bunch of friends in town from Miami last weekend, and then I got really sick along with like half the office, and I guess I really haven't been home. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit out of it, I haven't been out and about scouring the streets (I'm ridiculously broke right now) but last night I did briefly pass by Kiosk at night because as of today they have their stuff from Finland available, and they had like a mini party to showcase. I really love the concept of that store, partially because when I go visit places, I always love coming back with strange local goodies, like in Mexico, I just bought really odd things, because the clothes in the malls really dissappointed me. lol. Anyway check it out at


ashley rose helvey said...

this store sounds soo cool! i wish i were in new york right now! and especially for this show in particular :)

Bobble Bee said...

Thanks for this link and welcome back. I've never heard of it before so im anxious to check it out.