Saturday, June 23, 2007

Book Review #6: Second hand ideas

I picked up this book, Flea Market Style, by Emily Chalmers, a while ago, but now it will come in handy. It has great interiors that give plenty of ideas for someone going for this look. I'm having trouble deciding exactly the style I'm trying to go for, I want some mid-century modern pieces, but a) I don't have a big budget and b) my anthropologie loving side keeps veering my eyes for some things frilly. I'd be ok doing frilly but my room in Miami is already so pink and french and all that jazz, I want something completely different. What I like about this book is that many of the rooms have modern pieces but have managed to warm it up with some details from other periods, and it works. We'll see. For now I may have to settle for a mattress and a futon for my visitors.

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