Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kino on that idea

I don't want to sound like the world isn't entitled to fabulous products, but there's something special about finding that one great thing and sharing it with your friends, and keeping it to yourselves. Everytime I think I've come across something semi fresh within 6 months it blows up in the States and you suddenly feel like its lost its special something. Like Havaianas. I picked these up at a supermarket in Brazil and when I got back suddenly the cat got out of the bag (I think giselle's obsession had something to do with it). Same with Acne and Cheap mondays. I remember when Nora (always ahead of her time) came to visit me in Stockholm and I was so excited to tell her about Acne jeans. We get back to the states and within weeks Bam! They are available at Barneys. So what, I know isn't the whole point of this site to share the good finds? Yes, so I'll stop complaining but!!!! I still have one semi secret to share and who knows if these will every make it to the editors. Back in the day, my best friend Lauren was walking around in these gorgeous grecian style sandals. She told me she got the in Key West. For like years I had asked her to get me a pair and finally for my birthday two years ago she did. Kinos, they rock. Recently my sister went down and brought me a couple of pairs. They are all under 13 dollars more or less, and the quality is superb. Annnnd, now they are available online, so if you aren't planning to schlepp all the way down south you can just find them there.

Kino came from Cienfuegos, Cuba in the 1960s and set up shop a few years later in Key West, ever since he's been crafting these very comfortable, classic style sandals.

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