Monday, June 25, 2007

The List

I have quite a bit of shopping to do for the new place, its time to make a list and prioritize. I really want to get nice furniture one piece at a time instead of just going to Ikea and buying a whole room. I'll definitely be frequenting the Chelsea flea market quite a bit. So in order of importance I need to find:

an air conditioner
a full size mattress
a couch/ sleeper ( I have my first visitor on July 8th)
a bed frame
a full size mirror (tsk tsk vanity)

after I find those necessities, I get to find the fun stuff:
a coffee table
a lamp
a vase for flowers
a mirror for my mantle
a candle
and george foreman
a ricecooker
a bodum tea infuser
an eames rocker!!! more on this later...

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