Monday, August 13, 2007

ACNE is lovely.

I stumbled upon OAK in Park Slope this past Saturday, and picked up the latest issue of ACNE paper. This is one of my all time favorite publications. I picked up the first issue in Stockholm, at the ACNE store (for free) and have been hooked ever sense. The stories/articles are short and sweet, but clever and humorous. The art direction is phenomenol, even the advertisements are beautifully executed (except for one heinous american car brand i don't even want to mention). I thought this month's theme of PLAY is relevant to my current state. The editor points out the tendency towards drawing a line between work and play, and that one whose work is equally as playful, is easily criticized or not taken seriously. Its a shame that this is the mentality, but on the other hand, let those who think this way to live their lives as so. Its funny how many times when explaining to friends who don't really get what I do, what exactly I do, I speak about working late nights and decent pay, they roll their eyes or act surprised, as if the term "creative" just means i finger paint from 11 am to 4 pm and get paid minimum wage. No complaints, my work is quite the contrary, its just funny, the way other industries percieve creative fields. Its a good time, most of the time, and play is (or should be) a large part of my day, but for me, the best part is simply getting to dress however I please...

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