Friday, August 31, 2007


The 2008 Spring Collections are coming up, Fashion Week starts on Tuesday.
Apparently Chloe Sevigny has done a collection for Opening Ceremony which she'll be presenting at the store sometime next week. I'm digging the logo, but we'll see how the clothes is, for some reason I don't associate her with "new clothes" to me she's like the queen of vintage you know? I'm sure the stuff is nice, I wonder if he has mom jeans in there, I'm looking for a flattering pair of high-waisted wide legs, so suggestions are welcome.


Bobble Bee said...

I once read that she studied fashion design in college so i'm really looking forward to see what she has to offer. Im a BIG fashion of hers.

BTW, you have been awarded Rockin' Girl Blogger

ashley rose helvey said...

yes! i am excited.... she is one of my favorite hollywood dressers!

Nora said...

i picked up a tsubi pair(they were more than half off so it was a steal) while i was on my trip. and the acne ones are cool too but theyre not as wide leg, its more straight leg but theyre high so i like those. miss u! xoxo