Sunday, August 19, 2007

At home with Jane Mayle

This month's Domino has two great features, first a look into the homes of Libertine's designers, Cindy Greene (in NYC) and Johnson Hartig (in L.A.) The two have some pretty interesting spaces, very different, but they really know how to mix up colorful pieces well. They gave a good piece of advice for decorating: Invest one good antique (or I guess it could be a comtemporary piece) "to anchor each room." This does make sense, one amazing piece takes the quality of the whole room to another level, and makes it much less cookie cutter Ikea/West Elm. Greene has the Fiddleleaf Fig I'd like to get for my apartment as well as a Brussels Griffon, the ugliest dog, that I've kind of taken a liking to lately. They look like people. Ironically, another piece of advice is "Don't buy purebreed dogs, adopt," yet hers in as pure as they come. Anyway, they also have quite a few artworks by Damien Hirst which I guess is never a bad investment (unless you bought the rotting shark, but that's getting fixed) Anyway, another interesting piece, is a look at a few creatives' favorite rooms. Above Jane Mayle in her East Village walk up. Love the dining room table and the color coordinated bookshelf.


xola loves... said...

i feel so guilty for loving domino as much as i do.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow its great post..