Friday, August 3, 2007

Lookie here

Archive Vintage has a pretty decent selection of clothes, if you're cool with paying a premium for designer vintage. If you are looking for a splurge and well-edited gathering of goods then head on over. The owner Kerry Bonnell worked at Resurecction Vintage (just around the corner from here) for years, then moved to Texas and found there was quite the selection of designer vintage in that neck of the woods. So here at Archive she has it all, and the stuff is flying, about a third of the goods have a red SOLD label, including these great Chloe shoes (in my size) Dammit.

This Alaia belt is pretty cool, but I have a thing for hearts, and yes that is an attached magnifying glass. Perfect for Inspector Gadget's mistress or something.

This Courreges never been used, Minolta camera with case is pretty awesome. From 1986. Hasn't been sold yet!

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