Thursday, August 9, 2007

At your nearest Kiosk

So my first issue of New York Magazine came in yesterday (maybe last week, I just hadn't checked my mail), and this particular issue contains a list of "maps" for all the classic New Yorker types, "Rebel Youth", "The Cheapskate", "The Dog Freak", and "The Lit Guy" were among the few. Under "The Design Maven" the first shop posted was Kiosk, which happens to be down the street. I can't believe I've never been here! Makes sense that I've never seen it because it is located on the second floor of 95 Spring. Its like a dream concept: The owner sells her littel global finds. Its like an international MOMA store meets the dollar store. Anyway, they have a site if you aren't planning a visit anytime soon. They are a little low on merchandise at the moment, but you can see the previous merchandise to check out the type of stuf they sell. I love this stuff.

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